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You want to be in the Press?

Press coverage is good for business!

There's an old saying: There is no such thing as bad press
When it comes to business, this saying is 100% accurate,
but It also points to the importance of getting press coverage,
even if it has to be bad!

How to get a press coverage?
You have 2 choices:
1.Try to establish good relations with lots of journalists
then spend months learning how it works & how to pitch...
2.Let a PR company (us) take care of this for you!

How to stay in the News?
If being in the Press is hard, then staying in it is much harder
Actually, staying in the news, is the best kind of publicity you
can ever hope for, but at the same time pretty hard to achieve!

We can help your business get the press coverage you need.
Check our offers (below), you can't afford not to!


» Newswire Distribution.
» One-Time Media Outreach.
» PR strategy & PR stunts consulting.
» PR strategy, Media Relations and Continuous Outreach.

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