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Marketing Agency Franchise

Run your own Marketing & Advertising Agency Within 72h!

We have a fast response time, a great quality of products and services. We have high customer satisfaction. If you are considering launching an advertising or marketing agency, why get a MediaO2 franchise? This way, all you need to provide is simply the local communication and customer support, everything else is taken care by us.

Our Franchise Offers:

⇒ Small Local Franchise - Free

» Limited number, please contact us.
» Requires commitment.
» Given for a period of 3 months, then renewed yearly.
» Requires No investment.
» Franchisee keeps 33% of all net sales.

⇒ Small Business Franchise - 3000$

» Some limitations, please contact us.
» Given for a period of 2 years, then renewed yearly for 500$/year.
» Includes local promotion.
» Franchisee keeps 50% of all net sales.

⇒ Business Franchise - 10000$

» Some limitations, please contact us.
» Requires ability to hire 1 employee at least.
» Given for a period of 3 years, then renewed yearly for 1000$/year.
» Requires a physical office.
» Includes local promotion - Pro Package.
» Franchisee keeps 66% of all net sales.

Interested in getting a marketing agency franchise ?

»» To be contacted by our team, email us at: a @ mediao2.com


We promote local Franchises!

Promotion include:
Social Media promotion.
Paid advertising.
PR and so on ...